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The backboards will not arrive at the school until May 12th now. To accomadate this, students will be given a class period on May 13 to assemble their backboard displays and the whole project will be due May 15th.

On Tuesday, May 13, students will not have access to printers, so they will have to bring all of their materials to class to put the backboard together.


SS Exam Interactive Notebook

gr 8 Interactive Workboos more specific instruction to guide the project.

Social Studies Exam – Medieval Times

Grade 8 Final Exam   Students received the written explanation today.

Dear Parents and Guardians  This letter was sent home by email and as a hard copy prior to Spring Break.

Later this week, students will receive the interactive workbook and note-taking sheets. All paper parts of the exam are to be kept in the duo-tang. These too will be posted to the blog.

First due dates: 

Topic – after two library classes

Historical Significance – after the third library class

Cover Letter for a Job in Mesopotamia

Students have been exploring life during the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia. Through their exploration they have looked at what it is like to live with annual flooding, common droughts and limited building materials. The people of Mesopotamia have came up with ways to cope with these environmental issues that led to revolutionary ways of controlling their environment. The new technologies and achievements have led to specialized jobs and the rise of social class systems. Students are currently learning what some of these specialized jobs are.

Their assignment is, if they have not finished:

In early Mesopotamia societies began to organize into different classes. Each class had particular jobs.

From page 17 in the Interactive Notebook you are asked to pick a job that you found during your research from the text book.

The cover letter will be written on page 18 in the Interactive Notebook.

The cover letter of must have:

  • Address (Make up an address for a city in Mesopotamia)
  • To ____________________________ (example: To King of Ur)
  • Why do you want the job.
  • Why would you be good at the job. (give at least 2 reasons.)
  • Follow up (explain how your potential employer can find you or how you will get a hold of them)
  • Sincerely ___________________ (your name)

This should be completed by Monday Dec. 2.

Math: Cell phone project

Please bring an ad or a copy of cell phone contract for Tuesday,October 29. We will compare prices and terms.

The intent is to learn how to compare contracts and get the best deal.


Social Studies: Transition from Hunter-Gatherers to Farming

Students are using a variety of sources such as a video, textbooks, and reference material to complete a chart comparing late hunter-gatherers with early farmers.

The test has been postponed until Oct. 30.  Any student attending We Day will write it the next day. 


Math: Two and Three term ratios

Textbook work: pages 52 & 53 questions 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, and 18 due Oct. 22.

SS Test – The Paleolithic Period

Test will be Wednesday, October 9 during Social Studies class.

Please review the:

Hominin Research Sheet

The Paleolithic Timeline

The notes about stone tools and the coming of fire.


Math – Misleading Date Assignment

Due: Monday, Oct. 7, 2013

Task: Make an advertisement for an imaginary product.

Intent: Use a graph with misleading data to promote your product.


On the front:

  • Colourful poster (8 ½ X 11)
  • It must have 1 graph with misleading data.
  • Slogan for the product

On the back:

  • Explain how you manipulated the graph to make your product more appealing.
  • Make a second graph that represents the data accurately.

Social Studies – Hominin Research

The attached sheet needs to be completed ahead of the timeline quiz.

Suggested websites:

Hominin Research