Repair Lego NXT Brick LCD

I’ve posted a series of images to show how I was able to repair a Lego NXT Brick that had the LCD fail (Note: It still played the familiar startup tune, but the LCD was not displaying properly – at all). Please remember that doing this will absolutely void any warranty on the NXT Brick.

I know that others have used different ways of re-soldering the surface mounted capacitors, all I had was a magnifying glass, Weller soldering iron, and a steady hand.

I would suggest this is a last chance repair!

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  • Jim:

    We just repaired our NXT 1.0. Could not see any cracks in the solder but the joints appeared to be poor. Proceeded to apply a small amount of fresh solder to joints.

    We all were thrilled to see display alive again.



    Amy reply on December 25th, 2011:

    I just got a brick from a friend–changed batteries, not even sure what it is suppose to do do-all I hear is a few clicks when we push the buttons.–does this mean screen is broken.


    gkohle reply on July 23rd, 2012:

    reinstall the firmware, there are some instructions on the net on precise instructions; I’ve fixed a few myself. If mindstorms does not allow it, download RobotC for mindstorms and install firmware, then reinstall firmware from original mindstorms.


  • I have 9 kits that I use in my classroom and had some really disappointed kids when their bot had no display. However, thanks to you, it now works! Thank you! And I did it, myself!


  • Patrick:

    Thank you!! Thank you!! We were given a partial Mindstorm set, but the brick’s display didn’t work. Your instructions were spot-on and saved the day!


  • lego:

    i tried this and it worked
    make sure to keep pressure on the capacitor when applying heat
    if it sticks to the iron its a pain to get it back on the board


  • David:

    Thanks! This is a great walkthrough. The pictures are especially helpful and my NXT is working again.


  • Stef:

    Thank you very much, it worked very well for me. I will add : be carefull not to drop the little black button between the battery compartment and the mother board. This button seems to be the lithium battery detector.
    I had to completly remove and put back the “C3″ capacitor.
    Thank you again.


  • Jared D.:

    I’ve solved this problem again and again. The capacitor has to fill up with energy after sitting for a while or having the batteries removed on occasion, because they discharged. Let it sit for maybe 15 minutes and it will be magically fixed. This works even when the image seems to be halfway down the screen, or garbled.

    This has worked many times, and hope you have solved it without needing to disassemble your robot.


  • Helder:



  • TS:

    Thank You! With this information we have fixed our NXT! We are so appreciative of your post!


  • Harry:

    I just got a whole bag of these to repair. Heating the solder connections on the capacitors did nothing. However, heating the ribbon cable with a heat gun did bring a few back to life. I hate these cheap ribbon cables. My guess is the glue that binds the conductive strips to the circuit board dries out and cracks over time. I’m hoping that the heat from the hot air blower can keep these things working for a while. Over time, I may have to make some custom connectors that can grip the ribbon cable more aggressively and stay connected.


  • Carlos:

    Thank you very much. My son’s Mindstorms brick is alive again. You information is excellent and precise, no too much, no too little. Excellent procedure.


  • alberto:

    Thank you so much!
    But also I must resolder joints of all pins of the daughter board then it works.


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