Argyle Alternative High School has an indoor ecosystem which is part of its Outdoor Educational Classroom Program.


Ecosystem in Argyle Alternative's High School's Environmental Classroom.

Please view the following video for more information:

4 Responses to “Ecosystem”

  • E.W:

    This is the first science video I have seen that didn’t make me want to fall asleep.: (I liked how you had lots of visuals and how you went to Fort Whyte to talk about ecosystems. Lots of good information. Can’t wait to see another video from you guys.)

  • KRAFTY(Elmwood):

    Hey, I had a great time at your school. I hope we come back again. I like the walk way in your outdoor classroom. I was wondering if you will be planting anymore trees outback. Krafty

  • Maggie:

    The video was really good and it tought me about some things I didnt know before…!!!!!

  • Soleil from Elmwood:

    Thats pretty awesome how you guys are doing this!

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