What does sustainability mean to you? Please respond in one sentence.

12 Responses to “Sustainability”

  • Teassa:

    Sustainability is the process of providing for our generation while still keeping our Earth’s goods available to future generations.

  • Krista Mae:

    A balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of a society in order to maximize human well being, presently without comprising future generations.

  • Meaghan:

    The proper use of all our resources whether it be environmental, economic or social in order to meet the needs of our present generation and not compromise the needs of the future generations.

  • melissa:

    Sustainability is a way to save the earth

  • Danielle:

    Sustainabilty is a plan for our future economic and social well-being of our planet EARTH!

  • Anonymous:

    The planet Earth is like a WAREHOUSE with FINITE resources, we must preserve these resources for future generations.

  • Shaelyn:

    Sustainability is saving the earth, environment, and humanity.. the proper, and healthy way.

  • Shishonee:

    To ration out resources for today while not compromising the futer generations.

  • Sam U.:

    Sustainability means finding a way to continue the quality of life experienced, and the things that make life enjoyable for an indefinite period of time.

  • Bacon:

    The ability to stustain a succesfull homeostasis.

  • clayton:

    I think it means the way things stay together naturally.

  • clayton:

    Sustainable devolopment to me means, having a good respect for your environment like recycling, no polluting and no littering so that the environment can maintain its natural course.

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